Nike Unveils The KD8 ‘Elite’ With A Compression Sock That’s Way Cooler Than Keith Van Horn

02.29.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

This is something that feels authentically modern, so when you see the “built-in, crew-length compression sock,” on the KD8 “Elite” remember new almost always means polarizing. Often, that can mean some backlash because original can also appear silly or odd. That’s just the nature of new.

But Nike’s KD8 Elite series with the aforementioned sock, “visible Zoom Air cushioning and Flywire technology with a Kevlar ® aramid fiber” is the latest brainstorm from Nike’s basketball head honcho, Leo Chang.

We’re guessing the aramid fiber acts as a bulwark to support the purposefully light Flywire nylon, so there’s a minimum of bell-and-whistle weight, but the upper still locks the forefoot and ankle in place when you’re making a cut, or landing awkwardly on a rebound. The big difference for consumers will be how it’ll be a high-top rather than the mid- and low-cuts in the Nike KD line since the V came out in the 2012-13 season.

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