A Nike Exec Called LaVar Ball ‘The Worst Thing To Happen To Basketball,’ And He’s Very Wrong

04.20.17 10 months ago 11 Comments

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LaVar Ball, the patriarch of the basketball playing Ball brothers of Chino Hills, Cali., has become a star of sorts in the sense that he’s regularly put on camera with a microphone in his face to say outlandish things, to which he happily does.

Ball will tell you that he could beat Michael Jordan in 1-on-1, that his son Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, that UCLA lost because of slow white guys, that his sons will need $1 billion to ink a shoe deal, and really anything else that will move the needle and get his family or himself into the spotlight. Few are better at accomplishing the goal of drawing attention than LaVar Ball and DeMarcus Cousins thinks he’s a legend, but not everyone is a fan.

Some have postulated that he may be hurting his son’s draft stock, while others just want him to shut up. However, the strongest anti-LaVar Ball take now belongs to Nike executive George Raveling, who said Ball is the worst thing to happen to basketball.

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