Nike’s Makers All-Star Weekend Pop-Up Is The Coolest Store You May Never Get To Visit

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Bill Hanstock/UPROXX

On Thursday, Nike opened the doors of its “Makers of the Game” pop-up store in the Arts District of Los Angeles, to unofficially kick off NBA All-Star Weekend coming to town. Hours before the space was officially opened to the public, the line stretched around the block in two directions, and the crush of people wreaked havoc on the notoriously low number of available parking spaces in that part of town.

The Makers studio was a spectacular achievement in pop-up stores, which of course are all the rage at the moment. Upon entry, visitors are treated to displays of the available customization options that the space provides to those lucky enough to have booked an appointment to get their one-of-a-kind custom pair of Nike kicks from the 90/10 collection, exclusive to All-Star week.

The Makers studio also contains a full-size basketball court, where there are skills challenges, and where Kobe Bryant, shoe designers, and others are holding Q&A sessions throughout the weekend.

Oh, and there’s also a retail store filled with the Nike All-Star Week drops. Well … filled for now, at least. The stock won’t last long considering most people lined up on that first day were there for the Kyrie All-Stars, the Kobe Undefeated collabo, and more.

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