Nike Finally Showed Off The NBA G-League’s New Jerseys

10.16.17 5 months ago


Nike is continuing its takeover of the NBA’s overall aesthetic with new jerseys for the newly-minuted G-League as well. The former D-League, now newly Gatorade-branded, will also have Nike uniforms when it starts play later this season.

On Monday, Nike officially released the looks for the G-League with a video of the many jerseys teams will wear this season. What started as an 8-league developmental league at its initial inception has grown to a 26-team league, with six NBA franchises taking ownership of teams this season including Mikwaukee’s purchase of the Wisconsin Herd.

Gatorade’s sponsorship of the G-League takes the “Development” out of the name, but the purpose remains. And the new G-League logo and Nike’s swoosh is featured prominently on each uniform.

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