Nike Finally Showed Off The NBA G-League’s New Jerseys

Nike is continuing its takeover of the NBA’s overall aesthetic with new jerseys for the newly-minuted G-League as well. The former D-League, now newly Gatorade-branded, will also have Nike uniforms when it starts play later this season.

On Monday, Nike officially released the looks for the G-League with a video of the many jerseys teams will wear this season. What started as an 8-league developmental league at its initial inception has grown to a 26-team league, with six NBA franchises taking ownership of teams this season including Mikwaukee’s purchase of the Wisconsin Herd.

Gatorade’s sponsorship of the G-League takes the “Development” out of the name, but the purpose remains. And the new G-League logo and Nike’s swoosh is featured prominently on each uniform.


They are taking clear style notes from their NBA partners, often using the same wordmark or even graphical touches like the Austin Spurs jersey below, which uses the spur logo as a ‘U’ on its jerseys as well.

Following the same number design and wordmark is an obvious move but one that makes it clear which team is related to its parent team. And it clearly works with similar-sounding names, such as the Cavs’ hometown of Cleveland and its nearby G-League squad in Canton.

If you’re loving a team’s look, replicas hit the G-League’s online store in November. Personally I think the Canton and Herd uniforms are some of the best, but there are plenty of designs to get excited about here.