NIKEiD Draws Mob Scene Outside The Staples Center

12.25.09 9 years ago

Although the Lakers couldn’t get it done in the arena, outside the arena fans were going nuts. Just minutes after things got out of hand – which saw MVPuppet “L.A.” foam fingers rain down from the rafters – I linked up with the guys at NIKEiD to spread some holiday cheer. That’s right, free t-shirts.

We hopped on top of the NIKEiD van parked outside of the Staples Center and proceeded to sprinkle the crowd with some tees leftover from NIKEiD’s giveaway inside the arena during the game.

Earlier in the day before the game, two kids were chosen from the 300-section to compete in a NIKEiD contest designing themselves a pair of the new Nike Zoom Kobe V (along with the help of a Laker girl). Whichever kid won – which was voted on by the entire arena as their designs were displayed on the JumboTron – they got their Kobe V’s made and their whole row received gift cards to do the same. Also, their entire section of 100+ people got some of the coveted tees.

It’s safe to say, there’s nothing crazier than being bombarded by hundreds of screaming fans for tees. I just wish I had a t-shirt gun!

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