Nike’s Kobe Bryant Comeback Commercial Narrated By Ice Cube

We’ve already seen the Lakers video announcing Kobe Bryant‘s return, and earlier today, the NBA’s version, but now we get to see a strong Nike iteration, narrated by Ice Cube, so you know it’ll come from the heart. Cube doesn’t play when it comes to his Lakers.

The former N.W.A emcee brings a special gravitas to the ending line of the spot: “If he didn’t come back to the game, he’d still be a living legend [dramatic pause] But he wouldn’t be Kobe Bryant.”

So far in Kobe’s return tonight, where the Raptors lead the Lakers 51-47 at the half, he has five points (2-for-5 from the field), four rebounds, three assists, a steal and three turnovers in a little under 15 minutes of action.

What do you think of Kobe’s return so far?

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