Nikola Mirotic Is Still Not Speaking To Bobby Portis At Bulls Practice

11.14.17 7 months ago

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Nikola Mirotic has returned to the Bulls practice facility to workout and continue his comeback from facial fractures and a concussion. Those injuries were famously sustained during a practice fight when teammate Bobby Portis punched him in the face.

Portis was suspended for eight games, but has since returned to the team for the past three games where he leads the team with 19.3 points and 10 rebounds per game. The team has apparently welcomed Portis back in with open arms and would reportedly side with him over Mirotic if forced to choose.

Mirotic has, understandably, requested to be dealt by the organization, but to this point the Bulls have not been willing or able to make that happen. So, nearly a full month since the Oct. 17 incident, Mirotic has still not spoken with Portis. Now that he’s at the facility again, it’s become an even more awkward situation, as coach Fred Hoiberg said Mirotic is talking and interacting with everyone else, but still avoiding Portis.

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