Nikola Mirotic Made His Bulls Teammates Try Jelly And Mayo Sandwiches

01.03.18 8 months ago


Chicago has managed to be one of the NBA’s hottest teams, winning 10 of their last 14 games, and that run has coincided with the return of Nikola Mirotic to the lineup.

While there may be basketball reasons for this transformation in Chicago from the league’s worst team to a competent squad, there’s maybe an even better explanation: Mirotic is finally occupied by playing basketball and is no longer trying to get his teammates to eat terrible things.

Why would one think that’s the case? Because apparently Nikola Mirotic has the world’s worst taste in food combinations. The Bulls released a video on Wednesday that was almost assuredly shot prior to the season that shows Mirotic forcing teammates to try a pair of horrible concoctions. One is dipping Oreos in orange juice, which feels like the decision of a very drunk person, while the other is a jelly and mayonnaise sandwich. It looks as horrible as it seems.

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