High Schooler Niven Glover Threw Down A 360 Between-The-Legs Dunk In A Game


Typically, the list of the greatest in-game dunks focuses on people getting put on posters.

Kemp on Lister. Jordan and Pippen on Ewing. Dr. J on Michael Cooper. However, sometimes players break out some wild dunks all by themselves in transition that deserve to be in the conversation.

On Wednesday night, high schooler Niven Glover did such a dunk when he threw down a 360 between-the-legs jam that, in all honesty, should’ve just ended the game and shut down the gym for the night. Just watch the reaction of the crowd, who just scatter in different directions (video via Overtime).

Glover is a three-star shooting guard out of Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, but this is a five-star dunk. I can’t remember ever seeing anyone execute this kind of dunk contest level dunk in a game so cleanly, at any level, much less in a high school game.

I really don’t know how anyone played the rest of this game after this. The guy in the crowd that runs away and considers jumping over the side of the bleachers is extremely relatable. I wouldn’t know what to do if I was in high school and saw someone do this, but it’d probably involve running around in hysterics as well.