Tre Nubb Is A Baller With No Hands And One Leg Who Still Gets Buckets

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AMAZING. Tre NuBB is 🔥🔥(via @trenubb)

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What do you think is the most important part of your body for making a basketball shot? A shot coach may tell you it’s the legs, but that’s only to get you to focus on something less obvious. It’s gotta be the hands, but that doesn’t stop Instagram user Tre Nubb, who is missing his arms above the elbows, from balling out.

Tre Nubb is a hell of a name for an amputee, but according to his bio, Nubb stands for Never Underestimate Before Belief — a fair sentiment from someone whose online presence is normalizing his amputation. Here, witness this hilarious little sketch:

It’ll be hard for me not to incorporate “You gon’ disrespect the nubb?” in my daily goings-on, but out of respect for the nubb, I’ll have to try. As far as trick shots go, this one may not be as hard to pull off as the Harlem Globetrotters in a plane, but without the budget of an actual professional outfit, it’s arguably more impressive.

(H/t House of Highlights)