Amar’e Stoudemire Will Reunite With Steve Nash As A Nets Assistant Coach

When you think of the greatest duos in NBA history, several names come to mind: Kobe and Shaq, Jordan and Pippen, Stockton and Malone, Payton and Kemp, and so on. But one pairing that probably doesn’t get enough praise is the Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire combo in Phoenix that wreaked havoc on opponents all throughout the early 2000s.

Nash’s credentials are well known. He’s one of the best point guards ever. But for a significant stretch, Stoudemire was also dominant big man in his era. Injuries ultimately derailed his career and prevented the Suns from ever reaching a championship, but the highlights they gave us won’t soon be forgotten.

Now, the two are teaming back up, but this time on the sidelines as Stoudemire is reportedly set to join Nash’s coaching staff as an assistant with the Nets.

Nash’s hiring was initially the subject of some controversy when it was announced last month, with some critics pointing to the dearth of Black coaches in the NBA and the fact that Nash made the transition to the bench without first working his way up the ranks. Nash, however, is certainly not the first player to follow that tract.

The Nets should be one of the more intriguing teams going into next season, as they ostensibly have both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant back from injury, along with a thrilling young roster that turned heads during their run in the bubble games in Orlando. The pressure is on for Nash and his staff, but having former superstars who know how to manage egos should be a big boon for the Nets as they look ahead to next season and beyond.