Notre Dame Basketball Will Turn South Bend Into Scranton With A Night Dedicated To ‘The Office’

Via Rex Pfluger

A great way to sell tickets to any sporting event is to put forth a promotion that will get fans to turn out in droves. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball program’s marketing team thinks it has a pretty good one in store on Tuesday night, so during Notre Dame’s game against Wake Forest, the school will pay tribute to The Office.

The list of promotions that will be on display is pretty impressive. Leslie David Baker, the actor who played Stanley on the show, will be in attendance, fans can get their hands on some delicious pretzels (if you can’t make it to South Bend, we recommend checking out Binging With Babish’s rendition of the dish), and much more.

To drum up excitement for the game, the program decided to make one of Stanley’s beloved crossword puzzles and put head coach Mike Brey’s head on Michael Scott’s body in front of his famous quote that was first said by Wayne Gretzky.

Additionally, injured senior guard Rex Pflueger revealed his favorite character from the show in the most The Office way possible.

A matchup between Notre Dame and Wake Forest, two teams towards the bottom of the ACC standings, isn’t exactly the hottest ticket in college hoops under most circumstances. This is a good way to drum up excitement for the game, though, so kudos to those in South Bend for doing a whole bunch of stuff from The Office and not having one of those things be a New York slice from Sbarro.

(Via One Foot Down)