You Know You Want To Watch Inflatable Mascots Dance To ‘Baby Shark’ At The Nuggets Game


Inflatable mascots have slowly but surely taken over the NBA.

There was a time when only a few teams had inflatable mascots, but it’s now a near league-wide phenomenon — at the All-Star Game they often put all of them on the court at once to dance together and it’s wonderful. However, sometimes just the inflatable version of the mascot isn’t enough for some mid-timeout bit game ops cooked up, so you have to bring in reinforcements.

On Sunday in Denver, the Nuggets had their inflatable Rocky dance with an inflatable shark (styled it appears after the famed left shark from the Super Bowl that one year). It was all a set up to have the two dance to the ubiquitous, enragingly catchy children’s song “Baby Shark” to the delight of the children in the crowd and, almost assuredly, the dismay of every parent that may, for a brief moment, have gotten the song out of their heads.

I’m sorry that the song will now be stuck in your head for the remainder of the night/week, but if we all had to see it than you do too. It is a clever little choreography and there’s no doubt the kids in attendance loved it, which means it was a success.

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