O.J. Mayo, George Karl And The Rest Of The NBA Lost Their Collective Minds Saturday Night

Every so often, when the stars, planets and moon align just right, the NBA transforms into a cranky neighbor. Jan. 2 was one such night, as George Karl got a technical foul while sitting down, O.J. Mayo went absolutely berserk after getting ejected in the first quarter, and the ending of the Pacers – Pistons transported fans and league watchers back to Nov. 19, 2004 when Metta World Peace was still Ron Artest.

George Karl Earns A Tech And Boogie’s Respect

All DeMarcus Cousins has ever wanted is a coach who will be in his corner, who will stand up for him no matter what. Essentially, he wants a friend who fulfills Mark Twain’s criteria: “The proper office of a friend is to side with you when you are in the wrong. Nearly anybody will side with you when you are in the right.”

We’re not sure what Karl said, but since he got the tech from the bench, it must have been something the referee really didn’t like. Whatever he said, it was in defense of his team, and that’s what’s important to Boogie.

O.J. Mayo Strongly Disagrees With That Call, Sir

Every player reacts to technical fouls and ejections differently. Some mock the referee, sarcastically applauding as the ref sends them off the court. Others hang their head in disappointment and stomp to the locker room, throwing their jersey or various sweatbands into the crowd. Then there’s O.J. Mayo, who did neither of these things and instead thought it would be a good idea to express his displeasure with the ejection by charging at the referee. It was only after teammates and coaches restrained Mayo that he finally made his way to the locker room. He’ll probably hear from the league about his actions.

A Pacers And Pistons Scuffle Conjures Up Awful Memories

SCENE: Adam Silver’s library. Commissioner Silver, resplendent in his lavender robe, is relaxing on his chaise lounge with a book and some lovely oolong tea. Frederick, his assistant, bursts through the hundred-year-old, oak double doors.

SILVER: Frederick, you know I’m not to be disturbed in my library.

FREDERICK: Yes, sir. A thousand apologies, sir. It’s just that, well, there’s been an incident, you see. A shoving match between two teams.

SILVER (to himself): Please not the Pacers and Pistons, please not the Pacers and Pistons, please not the Pacers and Pistons. (To Frederick): Which teams?

FREDERICK: The Pacers and Pistons, sir.

SILVER: Get David on the phone.