Odell Beckham Jr. Made A Ridiculous One-Handed Catch While Being Dragged To The Ground

Getty Image

Odell Beckham Jr. is known for two things. Adding some life and energy to the usually dull New York Giants and making ridiculous one-handed catches. On Sunday he flashed a little bit of both in New York’s division game against Washington.

The cornerback here covered Beckham as tightly as it possibly could — to the point where he drew a pass interference penalty on the play. He even tried dragging him down to the ground to prevent a possible catch. That wasn’t enough.

Beckham showed ridiculous strength and focus to fight through the penalty and snag the ball with his opposite hand. Yes, we’ve all seen him do this type of thing before but that’s never made it any less ridiculous.

A lot of NFL players can make one-handed catches, but it’s incredible at just how easy Beckham makes them look. Watch the play happen in full speed. You can’t even tell that he just made an impossibly difficult catch aside from being dragged down. It looks downright routine. This shouldn’t have normalcy to it, but somehow it does. That’s when you really know someone is special: when they make the really hard stuff look easy and the easy stuff look spectacular.

Beckham’s personality can be a little grating sometimes for some, but it really does add spice to the league. An NFL without Odell Beckham Jr. would be boring and nowhere near as fun. Especially if he wasn’t around to make catches like this.