LeBron Can’t Get On The Field When Ohio State Plays Michigan, But His Cleats Sure Can

As the dorm lights in Ann Arbor will tell you, the Ohio State-Michigan game is coming up this Saturday, and it’s looking like it’ll be a doozy. Both teams are among the best in the nation, and a spot in the College Football Playoff is likely on the line. It’s certainly got the whole state of Ohio Buckeye-crazy as well, down to its most famous native: LeBron James is taking a special interest in this one.

Shoe distributor Sole Classics sent Ohio State an exclusive version of LeBron’s Soldier 10 shoes as football cleats, and they look pretty fierce:

There’s no word yet on how many Buckeyes will actually take the field with them, but they definitely have the shoes, according to Sole. What’s more, a sneaker version without cleats will be available to the public in stores on Saturday to give the whole area a LeBron look to go with the game.

Of course, shoes are probably the last thing on OSU fans’ minds at a time like this, when every possible advantage and disadvantage has been worried over ad nauseum. But it’s great for the young players themselves, who get a fresh pair of kicks and a boost in confidence from LeBron giving them some personalized love. Of course, if the fans want in on that, there’s now a jersey they can wear too:

We have a feeling that one will be a popular seller in Ohio for a while.

(H/t Land of 10)