The Oklahoma City Thunder Have Some Of The Best Pregame Handshakes

01.01.16 3 years ago

Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Cameron Payne has been coming on as of late as a steady bench presence that can provide a spark for Billy Donovan’s second unit now that they’ve embraced a more small-ball mentality.

However, in the pregame of the Thunder’s showdown with the Suns on Thursday, Payne showed that he serves another purpose for the team besides second unit spark plug: pre-game handshake/dance coordinator.

Payne had a unique, dance/shake for Steven Adams, Andre Roberson, and Kevin Durant, and that was only what we saw in the video. You know if he has one for those three, he probably has a different shake for each individual teammate.

This isn’t the first time that the Thunder have shown off some intricate pregame handshakes, but giving that responsibility to a rookie is a bigger deal than you would think. Say what you will about Payne’s moves, but they’re at least better than Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

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