The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Offense

01.16.18 10 months ago

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Just when it looked like they were starting to iron out some of their wrinkles, the Oklahoma City Thunder have gone cold. Considered by many to be a contender after acquiring Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in trades, the Thunder can’t seem to put together a consistently efficient offense, which has hurt the team in the win-loss column.

The Thunder are currently in fifth place, and just 1.5 games away from being out of the postseason altogether. Based on their performance so far, they have a greater chance of missing the playoffs entirely than they do of winning the title, according to’s probabilities report.

Most expected Oklahoma City to have a few hiccups out of the gate as the three high-usage players melded their games together. Then, it started to look like the squad was getting things figured out before hitting a rough patch, losing three straight and five of their last seven. As of Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Thunder have won back-to-back games against Charlotte and Sacramento and remain a maddeningly inconsistent team.

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