Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka Might Not Know Who Teammate Mitch McGary Is

Media day is the gift that gives, and gives, and gives. We’ve alreadychronicled the quotes, revelations, and so much more concerning actual basketball, and will continue doing so as they emerge Sometimes, though, the amusing human interest story is most entertaining. As it was on Friday with Gregg Popovich and Boris Diaw, it is now for Serge Ibaka and Mitch McGary.

Officially speaking to the press for the first in 2014-2015, Ibaka was asked his thoughts on new frontcourt mate McGary, who the Oklahoma City Thunder took with the 21 pick in June’s draft. Here was Ibaka’s response:

In Ibaka’s defense, he was pretty busy this summer playing with Spain in the FIBA World Cup. Entrenched as Oklahoma City’s third star, was he really supposed to keep complete tabs on the draft, Summer League, and free agency? That’s asking a lot of a player whom the the Thunder already demand so, so much defensively; a guy has his limits.

On the other hand, it’s not like the rookie is hard to miss:

If Ibaka doesn’t know who McGary is now, he surely will once OKC kicks-off training camp. The Michigan product isn’t exactly afraid to throw his considerable weight around in the post, and might be extra inclined to do so given Ibaka’s slip-ip.

Do you know who Mitch McGary is?

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