This Old Basketball Highlight Reel Will Make You Appreciate The Modern NBA

Basketball in 2017 is beautiful to watch. There’s constant movement of the ball and players, a barrage of three-pointers, pick-and-rolls and attacks of the rim. To truly appreciate how far the sport of basketball has come, we have to remember what the game used to be.

I’m not talking about the ’90s when it was a slower paced game, heavily reliant on post-play (which was also not nearly as fun to watch as today’s NBA), but I’m talking about way back, when there was no three-point line and dunking was considered unsportsmanlike. Just watch this video and then realize that, somehow, this is the same sport LeBron James plays today.

The first hook shot put me on the floor with how bad it was, but it’s honestly impressive that these guys were able to get buckets shooting the way they did. The guy that hits a running hook shot on the baseline is an absolute legend and I assume he was the best player in this league.

So, the next time you hear some old person complaining about the modern NBA, just remember this is what they watched growing up, so it’s not really their fault they can’t embrace how fun basketball is now.