An Ole Miss Player Cleaned Up A Double Block With This Massive One-Handed Dunk

Marcanvis Hymon entered Tuesday night with a very modest following in the college basketball world. The 6’7 forward entered the evening averaging 3.5 points and 4.1 rebounds per game for a run-of-the-mill Ole Miss team and, while Hymon is a regular contributor for the Rebels, he isn’t one of the more famous players on the team. However, that did not stop the junior from Memphis when it came to submitting one of the weirder and more impressive dunks of the college basketball season.

In the play above, Hymon took full advantage of an opportunity to make a dent on ESPN’s SportsCenter with a highlight-reel dunk, but it was made possible by Tennessee’s Admiral Schofield. Ole Miss guard Cullen Neal drove to the basket and attempted to finish over Schofield’s outstretched arms. That was an unsuccessful venture, as Schofield blocked the shot once off the backboard before deflecting it again while completing the play.

Unfortunately for Schofield, the ball caromed perfectly in the direction of Hymon. The explosive forward took advantage while throwing down a dunk on the back of Tennessee guard Jordan Bowden and it was certainly worthy of attention. In a vacuum, the dunk itself wasn’t extremely impressive, though it was a turning point in the game for an Ole Miss team that erased a double-digit deficit on the way to an 11-point win. What was wild, though, is Hymon’s ability to finish the play amid odd circumstances and it isn’t every day that you see a shot that was blocked twice still end up zooming through the net with the force of a dunk.