One Legend Calls Rondo The Best PG In The NBA; LeBron Goes Home

08.21.12 7 years ago
If we listened and took Rajon Rondo‘s word as gospel then we’d probably already be calling him the GOAT point guard. He never misses a chance to stake his claim to the title as the best lead guard in the game, and sometimes treats the competition like an annoying little brother. We once asked him if he could beat any point guard in the league one-on-one. He said yes. Then, we asked who he would beat in a make believe one-on-one tournament championship and he said, “Whoever gets there.” While Ray Allen might tell him to shut his Sidney Deane-ass up, Rondo has backup. Jason Terry, the mouth that keeps on giving, recently said he thought Rondo was the best point guard in the league. But they’re still teammates. If you tried hard enough, you could probably get Terry to proclaim Avery Bradley is the second coming of Sidney Moncrief. But now we also have Jason Kidd joining the fray. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the new Knick apparently told the JET that “there’s no question Rajon Rondo is the best point guard.” No word on how blurry Terry’s memory is, but it sounds like Kidd thinks he’ll have his hands full in the Atlantic Division this year with the “best point guard in the NBA” … Kidd probably won’t pay any compliments to anyone in Dallas anytime soon, or at least not to Mark Cuban. Yesterday, the Dallas owner said there was no chance he was retiring Kidd’s jersey. At first, some of us wanted to blame Jim Jackson and Toni Braxton, but it actually comes back to more recent actions from Kidd. Cuban is heated at the way he skipped out of town this summer, and was spitting more venom than a mic’d up Kanye West at an awards show. By the way, did you hear Kanye could be a judge (along with Nicki Minaj) for “American Idol?” There’s no way that’s not must-see TV. We’ll tune in just to hear Kanye rip apart contestants, and to stare at Nicki … Meanwhile, back to Jason Terry – he is hopeful the Mavs will end up retiring his jersey. He’s hopeful that he did enough during his eight years. We’d say he has: one Sixth Man Award, averaging over 15 points a night for the last seven seasons, one of the best players on eight straight playoff teams, including two trips to the Finals and one ring. Whatever happens, you can bet the JET will get his Dallas jersey retired either way. If it doesn’t happen inside of American Airlines Center, how long will it take for Terry to tattoo it on his arm? … And Metta World Peace won a race in Yo Gabba Gabba! This is one of the wierdest things we’ve seen involving Metta, and that’s saying a lot. It looks like something straight out of Ron Burgundy’s Pleasure Town … Keep reading to hear what happened when LeBron went back to Ohio…

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