This Year’s ‘One Shining Moment’ Had A Heavy Dose Of Michigan And South Carolina

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After a disappointing, plodding, and ultimately over-officiated National Championship game between Gonzaga and North Carolina, it was a relief to see “One Shining Moment” come through for America.

The 31st version of David Barrett’s signature song featured crying children, big shots by Kentucky’s Malik Monk, and the crowning of the Tar Heels as 2017 champions after taking down Gonzaga in a game that was tough to watch at times.

Even after an uneven tournament and one of the more disappointing championship games in recent memory, it’s good to know CBS can still rely on the hits after the final buzzer. There were all the classic elements of the 3-minute music montage you know and love—heartbreak, triumph, and some dancing teens.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus even made an appearance in the Northwestern segment, as did Crying Northwestern Youth.

Never show emotion in public, people. Cameras are everywhere.

Michigan and South Carolina’s unexpected runs deep into the tournament also got some play, as did Wisconsin’s knocking off of last year’s champion Villanova.

My two favorite moments of the video, however, were disappointed Virginia Tech players getting coached up by Buzz Williams, who said their first-round loss to Wisconsin was a teachable moment. Also great was the quick-fire chest-slapping menagerie that is equal parts funny and aspirational. And if that didn’t get you fired up, there was even a workout montage!

Hell yeah.

Other important tournament mile-markers are met with ease. Florida’s insane buzzer-beater to take down Wisconsin, UNC’s last-second victory over Kentucky in the Elite Eight, and Duke’s Luke Kennard becoming a meme are all included in the video.

The highlights from the title game itself included the opening tip, a 3-pointer from Most Outstanding Player winner Joel Berry, and Justin Jackson’s dunk to seal the win. Part of that has to do with the short editing time they have to get this video together. I’d say a lot of it has to do with just how little actually happened in the game itself.

They probably should have squeezed in a shot of officials huddling or reviewing a play, as that was probably the most iconic thing that happened in the game.

Of course, the iconic shot of the trophy held aloft amid confetti took us home.

See you next year, “One Shining Moment.” Maybe then the game that proceeds you next April will be worthy the season finale that follows.