Did The Orlando Magic Just Have Their Offseason Plans Spoiled In An Ill-Advised Picture?

Getty Image

The Orlando Magic are in a weird spot. It’s a young team with a good head coach in Frank Vogel, but the squad has been so bad for so long that a number of people in the organization can’t really risk building around young players who may not pan out.

So this offseason, the Magic will likely try to blow it all up. This is not speculation by us – a photo appears to show their offseason plans to go out and acquire a number of players either through a trade or free agency.

This is a picture of what looks to be the team’s offseason priorities board, one that hit the internet earlier today. In the foreground, we see the signing of rookie wing Patricio Garino, who joined the team earlier today. The picture was tweeted out by someone who appears to be close to Garino.

Here’s a blown up picture of the board.

Based on this, the Magic are targeting a number of hybrid players and big men who can stretch the floor. The part that will raise the most eyebrows is under the “Hybrid Trade” section, as it shows that the team may be willing to part with Aaron Gordon for Sixers forward and Rookie of the Year candidate Dario Saric. There are also some fairly big names on here, like Paul Millsap, Andre Iguodala, and Chandler Parsons.

This is similar to when the Brooklyn Nets met at a Starbucks and discussed trade assets in public, only in fairness to the Magic, this isn’t really something they could control. Still, congratulations NBA players on this white board, because Orlando apparently thinks highly of you.