Oscar Robertson Says Michael Jordan Wasn’t The Best Ever

How annoyed are some of the NBA’s older generations about all of this talk on GOATs and Best Evers only including Michael Jordan and LeBron James? Ask Oscar Robertson about it.

Well, the Dan Sileo Show did and as expected, the Big O had other ideas.

The Sporting News writes:

“I didn’t hear the comments,” Robertson told the Dan Sileo Show on WDAE in Tampa Wednesday morning. “Let me tell you about what being great is. Ever hear of Elgin Baylor? Never mention his name, do we? Great basketball player. You know what you have today? Michael Jordan was a great player, but he won after Chicago got Pippen, Grant and those other players to go along with him, because for a while they couldn’t beat Detroit.

“Everybody looks at what you’ve done. Sure he won six championships, Russell won eleven. There are other players on these teams when they play. They don’t play by themselves. Michael Jordan is a great player. Was he the greatest? Ask Kobe that. Ask Bill Russell. Ask Oscar Robertson. Ask Wilt Chamberlain. Ask Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, ask those guys.”

Robertson went on to say that he does not think MJ is the greatest ever and that the people doing the anointing never saw many of the game’s best play.

What do you think?

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