Noted Louisville Fan Papa John Apparently Likes Kentucky Now

02.12.19 6 months ago

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For many years, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter was synonymous with bad pizza and University of Louisville sports. In the last year, however, Papa John is mostly known for his racism. Schnatter was ousted from the company named after him following an incident where he used a racial slur and then essentially couldn’t stop saying stuff that just made things worse in the aftermath.

The pizza company is trying to move on without him, but the consequences have been serious. And in unison with the fact that he’s no longer associated with the pizza chain, Louisville cut ties with him. Schnatter’s association with Louisville — from his seat on the school’s board of trustees to his name on the football stadium and school of business — was synonymous with his pizza. Now he’s literally feuding with his former company and former college sports fandom.

Schnatter has, apparently, become a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats. Papa John was seen on Tuesday behind the Kentucky bench wearing all blue as the No. 5 Wildcats hosted No. 17 LSU. Apparently, since the university took his name off its buildings because of the terrible PR that comes with being a racist, he’s no longer supporting Cardinals athletics.

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