Pat Riley Is Overjoyed About Dwyane Wade’s Return To The Miami Heat

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Dwayne Wade is coming back to play for the Miami Heat, and team president Pat Riley is thrilled to have his former franchise player back in the fold.

Wade was part of the Cavaliers’ smallest trade of the day, which led to the team flipping the veteran guard to the organization that drafted him in exchange for a second-round draft pick.

The move was quickly endorsed by LeBron James and Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union. And it truly seems like everyone involved is happy about Wade heading back to South Beach.

Riley spoke to the media on Thursday following a trade deadline that saw the Heat not trade away Hassan Whiteside and, instead, bring back Wade, who won three titles with the team in 2006, 2012 and 2013.

The Heat later announced that Wade is expected to play in Miami on Friday, which means a quick reunion for Wade, the Heat and the team’s fans.

Riley stressed there’s “no bitterness” between Wade and the Heat and called it a “beautiful day” because of the opportunity to trade for the player Miami drafted out of Marquette in 2003.


There is one condition, though: Riley says Wade needs to eat better.

Though it’s been two years since he was last in a Heat uniform, most people would associated Wade with the organization. Now, he’ll get the chance to spend some more time with Miami.