Pat Riley’s New Miami Condo Is Nicer Than Wherever You Live

The next time Miami Heat president Pat Riley needs to sell a superstar free agent on all that South Florida can offer, he just needs to take him up to his new condo for the view. The stunning $11.75-million penthouse makes Kentucky’s eye-popping Coal Lodge look like a true college dorm.

Riley reportedly sold a house in Coral Gables for more than $16 million to come up with the scratch for his new place, which is a 6,200-square-foot villa on the top of the 22-story Apogee building, with 180-degree views of the water. That’s what one description says, anyway; I’d be too busy looking at the apartment itself and the rooftop terrace pool to look at the sights out the windows. If I can nit-pick at all, it’s that the condo’s downstairs neighbors don’t afford him the chance to turn up the sound as loud as he wants watching Showtime Lakers tapes like he could in a suburban mansion. And yet as the penthouse owner of a nearly $12 million property, I’ve got to think his buyer’s agreement gives him leeway to do pretty much anything he wants. It’s a home so incredibly nice it might even have the power to temporarily stop the doomsday prophecies about LeBron James leaving in 2014 by leaving everyone in South Florida gawking.

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H/t Gossip Extra and the Miami Herald

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