Pau Gasol Is Apparently A ‘Real Priority’ For The Spurs In Free Agency

06.28.16 3 years ago

Pau Gasol is near the end of his career, and it’s not crazy to think that he wants to make one last run at a title before he hangs them up for good. He’s also a big man who is revered for his spacing, ball movement, and general adherence to a more European-style of ball.

Basically, in just about every single way imaginable, Gasol is the exact kind of guy that you would expect to play for the Spurs. Even his brother, Marc, thinks that he should head to San Antonio at this stage in his career.

And guess what? The Spurs are apparently interested in the older Gasol brother, because of course they are. According to Adrian Wojnarowski via Pro Basketball Talk, Gasol is a priority for San Antonio this summer.

I’m told that Pau Gasol is a real priority for (the Spurs). They tried to get him before he signed with Chicago. The Bulls were able to offer him a little bit more than the mid-level that year, I think the Spurs had a mid-level for him. They can maneuver in San Antonio and probably be able to offer him market value. We’ll see what that’s going to be.

San Antonio is seemingly a contender for a number of big-name free agents this summer, like Kevin Durant and Mike Conley. But few (if any) make as much sense as Gasol. Between the way that he plays and the fact that the Spurs’ frontcourt could always use another big man while Tim Duncan tries to fight off father time, getting Gasol into the fold could potentially be huge. Also, take a few seconds to imagine Gasol throwing picture-perfect passes to the various wide open teammates he’d have with San Antonio. Pretty fun, no?

There are probably a number of teams that would be interested in getting Gasol – there will always be a spot for savvy big men who can score and pass the way he can – but none would be as fun as the Spurs. If the money matches up, this would be an example of a player going to a team in which he’d fit perfectly.

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