Paul George And Baker Mayfield Had A Very Awkward On-Court Greeting In Los Angeles

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Baker Mayfield has had a bit of a rough week. The Heisman Trophy winner lost a thrilling Rose Bowl to Wisconsin on New Year’s Day. Despite having a pretty good game, scoring at will in the first half and even catching a touchdown pass himself, the loss ultimately ended his college football career and National Title hopes.

Mayfield will be a hot draft prospect and has an exciting future ahead of him, but it seems without a National Championship game to prepare for he decided to spend the rest of the week in Los Angeles. He attended a Clippers game earlier in the week and was back on Thursday night to see the Clippers host the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Paul George was saying hello to some people courtside after the game and Mayfield was there to do the obligatory celebrity handshake. It didn’t go exactly like Baker was expecting.

It’s hard to say exactly what happened here but it seems like, as the tweet suggests, George didn’t recognize him. It’s not really a big deal at all, these kinds of things happen all the time and maybe he just wasn’t expecting to see the Oklahoma quarterback in L.A. Still, it’s always odd when a celebrity’s interactions look downright pedestrian.

It’s also another way Baker can humble himself, if he still needs it.

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