The Pacers Reportedly Tried To Start A Cavs-Warriors Bidding War For Paul George

06.20.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

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The Pacers are trying their best to move Paul George and move him quickly, according to reports, after their star told them that he would not re-sign with them next offseason. Indiana has been scrambling to get a deal together to ship George out and kickstart a rebuild in the form of future draft picks while still getting a starting caliber player in return to keep things at least somewhat together in the meantime.

The problem for Indiana is in creating a sense of urgency for teams to try and land George. The Pacers’ star reportedly has his eyes on a homecoming with the Lakers next summer, and the prospects of only having him for one season certainly diminishes his trade value. So, if you’re the Pacers, how do you make teams want to give up more?

By pitting them against each other, of course. We’ve heard a flurry of rumors about who the Pacers are talking to, and for many of them, the conversations have been initiated by Indiana. On Tuesday, Bleacher Reports’ Ric Bucher reported that part of Indiana GM Kevin Pritchard’s plan to get something for George was to pit the two Finals combatants against each other in a bidding war.

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