Is Paul George Changing To Lucky Number 13?

Pacers wing Paul George has been hinting at something on Twitter the last couple of days. It revolves around a tautological mention of Trece, or 13 in spanish. Does this mean we’ll finally get to use the PG-13 nickname?

Here’s a reverse chronological order of his tweets. A couple days ago he simply tweeted the hashtag #Trece.


The next day he wanted fans to remember that it’s #Trece.


Later that same day came the announcement that…well he had something “in store” coming in a couple weeks. “In store” makes us think it’s a jersey change, but it’s also just an expression and maybe we’re looking too much into it.


Then the same tweet as before, the hashtag #Trece, twice over the last two days:



George has been a two-time all-star as No. 24, and he’s played well enough with that number to sign a long-term max extension last summer. So why the number change, if that’s what he’s really talking about?

“Trece” is a dope nickname; PG-13 just reminds us of a bet we once made about the amount of nudity in the PG-13 movie Titanic. After collecting a cool $100 from a college friend when we proved it was PG-13 AND Kate Winslet was in her birthday suit for one scene, it was the last time PG-13 approached anything resembling cool.

Perhaps — if he changes to No. 13 — he’ll want to go simply by “Trece,” which isn’t bad — as far as nicknames go. But PG-13 just makes us think of supercilious rom coms and animated flicks with some light “adult” themes. Perhaps that’s why he’s tweeting, “remember it’s #Trece.” Got it…PG-13.

Is Paul George changing to No. 13?

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