Paul George, Flea, Phil Jackson Defend Kobe Bryant Amid Media Scrutiny

It hasn’t been a great past few days for Kobe Bryant. After getting absolutely fooled by a sick crossover from Alec Burks, the Los Angeles Lakers legend awakened to media scrutiny unlike most any he’s faced throughout his 18 years in the NBA on Monday morning. But Mamba’s loyal legion of followers quickly came to his defense, and three more high-profile devotees slammed the press today for portraying Kobe in a negative light: Paul George, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phil Jackson.

PG-13 was the first to step up for his childhood idol:

We’re not sure how ESPN’s Henry Abbott – one of the most respected NBA writers in the game – “reached” by quoting anonymous agents and front office personnel in his excellent feature on Bryant, but okay. George is a fan, and fans don’t like when their heroes are condemned – even if there’s merit behind the criticism.

Basketball die-hard Flea was next:


And for the cherry on top of this Bryant love-fest, the Zen Master offered his opinion:

But how do you really feel, guys?

Bryant is the one player in the NBA who many deem above any criticism whatsoever. No matter how logical, measured, analytical, or well-sourced a media member’s pessimistic take is on Kobe, there are always those who cry foul. Such support from George, Flea, and especially Jackson only makes that puzzling reality even more obvious.

What do you think?

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