Paul George, Isaiah Thomas, And DeMar DeRozan Gave Us Our First Look At ‘NBA 2K18’

Associate Editor

We’re less than two months away from the latest NBA 2k game, which is fantastic news. NBA 2K18, featuring noted Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving on the cover, is scheduled to be released worldwide on Sept. 19. We already know some player ratings — for example, Joel Embiid is not happy with his rating being lower than a 95 — but until Monday, we didn’t get to see some of the up-close looks of the players in the game.

But thanks to the folks at 2KSports, we got to see what a trio of NBA stars will look like in the latest edition of the game. First up, we got to see what video game DeMar DeRozan looks like.

Next up was Paul George, who admittedly still looks a little off in a Thunder jersey, but maybe that’s just the fact it’s a video game and not real life.

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