Paul George Insists He’d Be A Laker If The Pacers Hadn’t Traded Him

10.18.18 9 months ago

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Paul George really wants Los Angeles to know he wasn’t just playing them, and that he really wanted to be a Laker before he arrived in Oklahoma City.

All the buzz last summer was that the L.A. native was set on pushing his way to the Lakers when he made his trade request to the Indiana Pacers. That assumption is why Indiana struggled to find a trade package for him, ultimately settling on a deal with the Thunder most felt at the time was pennies on the dollar — all though the performance of Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis has changed that over the past year.

So, this summer when he inked a long-term deal with the Thunder at midnight and celebrated with cigars on-stage with Russell Westbrook and Nas as Westbrook’s house in front of hundreds of people, those in L.A. were left wondering what happened. Since re-signing with OKC, pledging his allegiance to Russ and the Thunder, George has made it a point to make sure L.A. knows he still has love for the city.

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