Paul Pierce Floated Forming A BIG3 Super Team With Kobe Bryant And Kevin Garnett

06.27.17 10 months ago 5 Comments

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When the BIG3 made its debut in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, the stands at Barclays Center were packed with fans looking to catch a glimpse of some of their former favorite NBA players back on the court.

The marquee attraction for the BIG3 is Allen Iverson, even if he doesn’t want it to be that way or plan on playing all that much, but the rest of the former NBA players on BIG3 rosters were plenty ready to show out. DeShawn Stevenson hit a game-winner in the second game of the season for the first major highlight worthy play, and there were plenty of other 35-plussers that made impacts.

Along with thousands of fans, there were plenty of current and former NBA players seated courtside in Brooklyn to watch some of their former teammates and foes play. Among those in attendance was Paul Pierce, who retired from the NBA after this season and is headed to the ESPN booth next year. However, watching all his old buddies out on the court seemed to get Pierce’s juices flowing a bit and he floated the idea that he might consider a BIG3 squad next year.

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