‘I Called Game’: Paul Pierce Thinks Dennis Schröder Is ‘A Little Young’ To Call His Game-Winner ‘Lucky’

05.10.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

The Truth is, Paul Pierce carries himself differently than the rest of us. We might feign confidence, or a sort of manic belief in ourselves, but Pierce lives it. It’s a different sort of self-reliance, one Emerson could only really paw at with his prose — never really understanding it was partly irrational. Pierce has such complete faith in his own abilities, particularly in crunch time, he’s sometimes able to will himself to success.

After last night’s banked in game-winner, the second such instance of the weekend, Pierce was approached by a delirious-looking Chris Broussard, who asked him if he called bank on his game-winner:

That answer and the look at the camera say way more than anything we could add.

But some on the Hawks believed the buzzer-beater from Pierce’s patented left elbow was lucky. Per CBS Sports, comes Dennis Schröder’s disbelief at Pierce’s “lucky shot,” and Pierce’s condescending rebuttal:

“It was a lucky shot and we lost the game,” Schröder said.

That comment was relayed to Pierce, who responded perfectly.

“I guess Schröder’s going to say that ’cause he’s a little young,” the 37-year-old said. “He hasn’t been able to see it over the past 17 years.

“He probably missed with me in 2K,” Pierce continued. “He probably used me and missed.”

Great synergy from Pierce when responding to Schroder’s comment. Earlier this year, Pierce blamed computers and the NBA 2K for the lack of competitive toughness in today’s current generation.

For Pierce, anyone who doesn’t think he’s the most clutch man on the planet is playing too many video games. This belief is one of many reasons we love Paul Pierce. When we’ve talked with him in the past, we could feel the confidence oozing off him. At a charity event that same fall, we saw him mingle with an invisible bubble of boasts and bonafides. Never was this feeling about Pierce more apparent than watching him with the score tied at the end of Game 3.

The Wizards lead 2-1, with Game 4 coming on Monday at 7PM ET in Washington. The Wiz faithful should still be worried because there’s no telling if, or when, John Wall ever returns. Good thing Wall’s not the only Truth behind their title chances.

(CBSSports.com; H/T reddit)

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