Paul Pierce Still Believes Kevin Durant And Not LeBron Is The Best Player In The NBA

06.21.17 10 months ago

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After witnessing Kevin Durant lead the Golden State Warriors to a 2-0 series lead in the NBA Finals with a 33-point, 13-rebound, six-assist, five-block and three-steal performance in Game 2, Paul Pierce was legitimately amazed. Pierce’s amazement with the Warriors All-Star caused him to tell the rest of the crew on ESPN’s NBA Countdown, that Durant was the best player in the league.

“Six assists tonight. 10-plus rebounds. [Kevin Durant] may be the best player in the world today,” Pierce said. “Today. I mean, we’re on the final stage. LeBron is giving you good numbers. What can’t [Durant] do? What can’t he do on the court?”

Pierce’s statement raised some eyebrows among his colleagues and they questioned what he was drinking on set. Always full of wit, Pierce responded that he was drinking “Truth juice,” a reference to his glorious nickname.

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