The Top 10 Paul Pierce “Thank You Boston” Instagram Pics That Almost Made Us Cry

The end of Paul Pierce in a Boston Celtics uniform makes a lot of Boston fans sad while Danny Ainge attempts to rebuild a team that can again compete for the NBA Title every season like Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo did from 2008-2012. After Pierce and Garnett were dealt to Brooklyn, many fans didn’t realize that Pierce’s 15-year career in Boston had ended. But Pierce’s #ThankyouBoston Instagram pictures made it all real.

First, Pierce gave his fan’s a head’s up at what was about to happen via Twitter:


Then it was on. It should be noted that this was hard to determine, and we’ve got video of all of the pictures at the end, so don’t think you’re missing out.

10. Shooting a jumper over LeBron James

9. Doc and Paul embrace after winning the 2008 NBA Title

8. Paul gives Doc his Gatorade shower.

7. Standing on the scorer’s table at Boston Garden after 2008 Finals win

6. Smiling at a picture of the immmortal Larry Legend

5. The Big Three, Doc and Bill Russell

4. Paul and Red (RIP)

3. The Big Three with the Larry O’Brien Trophy after winning the 2008 Title

2. The Truth

1. “Thank You Boston”

Check them all out in the below video. If you’re a Boston Celtics fan, you just lost one of your all-time greats, as well as one of the classiest guys in the league. Because of that, Boston will miss Paul just as much as he’ll miss Boston.

#ThankYouPaulPierce #ThatsTheTruth

What’s your favorite memory of Paul Pierce in Boston?

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