Paul Pierce Thinks The Lakers Should Trade LeBron If They Get The No. 1 Pick

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With every game the Los Angeles Lakers lose in LeBron James’ inaugural season in Hollywood, the drama continues to build. Case in point: the two lasting images from the Lakers most recent loss to the New York Knicks were LeBron sitting away from his teammates on the bench during a timeout and Mario Hezonja blocking LeBron’s potential game-winner.

The Lakers season is essentially over, and LeBron is already dreaming about a summer off coaching his kids’ AAU teams. At 31-39, the Lakers currently own the 10th worst record in the NBA, which carries a 3 percent chance at nabbing the No. 1 overall pick in this summer’s NBA Draft. Should the miraculous happen, giving the Lakers the opportunity to select Zion Williamson, Paul Pierce thinks the team should move on from the man who just passed Michael Jordan in all-time scoring.

“If the Lakers got the no. 1 pick, I would trade LeBron James,” Pierce said. “You’re talking about three years left of LeBron, or 15 years left of Zion? Let’s go.”

Pierce’s comments don’t exactly make a ton of sense. He’s presenting getting the No. 1 pick and trading LeBron James as an either/or situation, when it isn’t. The Lakers could draft Williamson without having to do anything with LeBron, as Chauncey Billups, Pierce’s co-host on “NBA Countdown,” points out in the clip above. Despite the lack of logic behind Pierce’s idea, his voice now gets added into the growing chorus of people giving legitimate consideration to the idea of trading the best NBA player of this generation. Life comes at you fast, indeed.