The Pelicans Are Reportedly Willing To Discuss Trading Jrue Holiday, But Not J.J. Redick

The 2019-20 NBA season hasn’t gone quite according to plan for the New Orleans Pelicans. Of course, a major reason why has been the absence of Zion Williamson, who has yet to make his debut due to knee surgery, but even with him on the sidelines, New Orleans is a disappointing 6-21 and in the midst of a 12-game losing streak.

This means the Pelicans are in a prime position to sell between now and the trade deadline on Feb. 6. When looking at the team’s roster, two older players really stand out as potential guys who would have significant value: Veteran sharpshooter J.J. Redick and the perpetually underrated Jrue Holiday. But apparently, only one of those guys is on the market to an extent.

Marc Stein of the New York Times brings word that New Orleans has zero interest in moving Redick, who joined the team on a two-year deal in free agency. Holiday, meanwhile, is available at the right price, which hasn’t always been the case in the past.

Redick is a really great fit on just about any team and his contract, which pays him $13 million next year before he becomes an unrestricted free agent, is quite palatable. He still has a ton of value to the Pelicans should they keep him around, especially next year, as it stands to reason they’ll have a fully healthy Williamson. When put next to a player with Williamson’s size and playmaking ability, Redick has the potential to thrive, so it makes sense that the team would want to keep him around. Plus if it doesn’t work out, there would be 29 other teams that would love to have him next year.

Holiday, meanwhile, has a less team-friendly contract, as he’s paid a touch over $26 million next year and has a player option worth $27.1 million in 2021-22. With teams eyeing up cap space for a potentially gigantic summer in 2021, that might be a hard pill to swallow. Having said that, Holiday is an excellent floor general and as good of a defender as there is in the league, and for teams that have championship aspirations in the short-term, getting him could end up being a coup.

There’s still plenty of time for the Pelicans, once they get 100 percent healthy, to make some noise and build a ton of momentum heading into next year. The question will be whether or not that happens with two of their most battle-tested veterans in town, or whether they’ll go all-in on their youth movement.