Video: The Beverly Hills 90210 Timberwolves Mashup We’ve Always Wanted

The T-Wolves lost Kevin Love this summer, but they gained Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins and Thaddeus Young. They also drafted high-flying Zach LaVine and towards the end of last season Gorgui Dieng showed he’s a double-double machine when given the chance. Plus, Ricky Rubio is still around, which as we’ve seen this preseason is important. It’s the perfect “Beverley Hills 90210” cast, as this mashup by the famed Timbertrolls shows.

The Timbertrolls did a “Cheers” mashup of the T-Wolves last winter, but this one might be even better, specifically with the opening introductions of all the players. Ricky actually looks like a late addition to the real 90210 cast: the funny exchange student from Spain who falls in love with Donna.

(video via Marcos Lopez; H/T Matt Moore)

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