Perkins: The Celtics Weren’t Focused

05.05.09 10 years ago 15 Comments

There were stretches of last night’s Orlando-Boston matchup when both teams were sloppily turning the ball over and missing so many shots that the game could have been mistaken for Game 7 of the Hawks-Heat series. (Well maybe it wasn’t that bad.) But as the Celtics fell behind by 28 points in the third quarter, it was apparent that they weren’t playing anywhere near the same level that they did against Chicago.

“We weren’t locked in, focused from the shootaround from the time we walked into the building,” Kendrick Perkins told the Boston Globe. “There was a lot of laughing. There was a lot of joking around before the game. We weren’t really locked in. That’s what happens.”

Down the stretch, this was anyone’s game. If Ray Allen‘s three from the near-side wing (looking from our perspective watching TV) that touched nearly every inch of the rim rattled in, Boston would have had so much momentum. They could’ve completed a historic comeback.

But as Perkins points out, the defending champions shouldn’t have gone down by that much in the first place.

So here’s the question: is Perkins explaining his team’s legitimate failure to focus for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals? Or, is he trying to give his team an “out” after getting beat in their own building?

Source: Real GM

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