Could ‘Posse-Gate’ Cause Phil Jackson To Return To The Lakers After This Season?

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I love the smell of napalm and fresh NBA rumors in the morning. Over the weekend, the Orange County Register’s Mark Heisler inspired a doozie of a rumor that is sure to pick up steam as the season progresses, especially if things continue to get worse for Knicks president Phil Jackson.

That rumor? Jackson could be heading back to the Los Angeles Lakers, if he decides he’s tired of collecting $12 million a year from the Knicks.

Jackson and his fiance, Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss, both deny it’s happening. That’s absolutely true … as far as it goes … until Phil’s opt-out on July 1, 2017, with insiders close to both saying he could still wind up with the Lakers.

“Insiders close to both”? That’s the fuel that runs the machine, baby. Heisler offers 50/50 odds that Jackson would leave, which is pretty bold. Still, he has ESPN, CBS, and NBC buzzing, so don’t expect this rumor to disappear. After all, the Zen Master’s third year with the Knicks is off to a lackluster and contentious start, as the team is 8-8 and struggling to find its identity, while Knicks fans are already booing the team in late season form.

Of course, no one is talking about the Knicks’ performance and record. Instead, we can’t stop talking about “Posse-Gate,” which is the totally creative name of the scandal Jackson created after referring to LeBron James’ friends and business associates as a posse. James had the best response, obviously, and he was joined in outrage by James Harden, Kevin Durant, and even Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. On top of that, the Knicks held a team meeting to discuss their goals and collective mentality, and Anthony made it clear that Jackson was there to be seen and not heard.

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