We Hope Phil Jackson Is Kidding With This Terrible Stephen Curry Comparison

No, Phil Jackson, what are you doing, please stop why would you ignite such a stupid controversy about Stephen Curry because you know Twitter loves to snatch on to things like this:

Jackson has to be trolling or just playing around, because he definitely knows that Abdul-Rauf and Curry aren’t in the same stratosphere, right? It’s not as if Jackson is adverse to stirring up stuff just for the fun of it. He did it plenty of times as a coach, though in a bit more sinister fashion, twisting and playing the media to try and influence the referees.

This was probably just in a bit of fun, poking the bear that is Twitter to see people freak out, as they are wont to do whenever someone dares denigrate another player – especially when that player is Curry. But, just in case Jackson is serious, let’s put this to bed right now.

So, we’re done with this now, right? We can all move on and sing Kumbaya? Or, at least sing it until the next person says Steph Curry isn’t as good as we think he is or the Warriors are lucky or whatever other inane comment comes their way.

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