Even ‘The Simpsons’ Are Taking Shots At The Sixers

Associate Editor

No NBA team takes more flack than the Philadelphia 76ers. This is probably deserved – Philly is the worst team in the league and hasen’t won more than 19 games in a season since 2012-13. The team’s extended tank job has been widely ridiculed, and while it may lead to a championship somewhere down the line, it has only led to a lot of losing over the last few years.

Seemingly everyone has taken a shot at the Sixers ever since “The Process” kicked off a few years back. Somehow, The Simpsons have never made a joke about Philly…well, at least it didn’t make a joke about the team prior to this Sunday’s episode. Ironically enough, the episode aired a day after Philadelphia picked up its fifth win of the season, a 114-89 win over Portland.

(via For The Win)

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