Philly Run Is Top-Notch Hoops

01.26.09 10 years ago 22 Comments
Converse Philly Run (photo. Steve Boyle)

If you had to pick one, and only one city as the hotbed for young basketball talent, what city would you choose?

We’ve been all over the country for high school tournaments, Converse Open Gym runs, and other grassroots basketball events, and there are always some kids who put on for their city no matter where you go. But from top to bottom, only a handful of locales can be considered as the place to play.

Philly is undoubtedly one of those spots. At the Converse Philly Run this weekend at Girard College, about 270 kids showed up, and it felt like almost every single kid could get to the rack at will. It wasn’t that the defense was soft. It’s almost like they’ve all been programmed from a young age to handle the rock, and play aggressive no matter who they’re going against.

Converse Philly Run (photo. Steve Boyle)

It’s like a bunch of kids built in the mold of Maalik Wayns, the Roman Catholic product who has committed to Villanova, where he’ll step in next year into a stacked backcourt of Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher and make an impact.

As good as the comp is in Philly, they don’t have this locked up.

What city do you think has the best young basketball talent?

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