A Phoenix Suns Dancer Face-Planted, And It’s The Perfect Metaphor For The Team’s Start

Obviously, our Hoop Dreams team previews were supposed to be read for humor and enjoyment, as too many NBA teams, sadly, start the season with an estimated .000001 percent chance of winning it all. For example, as much potential as the Phoenix Suns may have to one day contend with the rest of the Western Conference, Eric Bledsoe and co. probably aren’t going to keep up with the 1-2 Lakers this season, let alone the 4-0 Spurs. Hell, the Suns can’t even spell Bledsoe’s name right, so the chances of this team simply clicking and winning 60+ games are slim to none.

Now, that’s not to say the Suns are off to the worst start imaginable. They only lost to the Warriors by six on Sunday night, and that followed Friday’s three-point loss to the Thunder in OT. Really, the only head-scratching loss came against Sacramento, as the Kings spanked the Suns 113-94. Maybe those meteorites are coming after all.

Regardless of our impending doom, the frustration isn’t felt by just Bledsoe and his teammates. Even the Suns’ hype squad is feeling the pain, literally, as evidenced by the above clip of a dancer’s failed back flip. We certainly feel for you, hype dancer, but please find comfort in knowing that you’re now up there with one of my all-time favorite Vines.