A Photo Essay Of Timofey Mozgov Celebrating In The Locker Room

Every Cleveland Cavalier had a different way of celebrating their NBA championship win on Sunday night. LeBron James was overcome with emotion after fulfilling his promise to the city of Cleveland by bringing it a title. J.R. Smith broke down in tears after finally winning his first championship, and Kevin Love went full Stone Cold with an Austin 3:16 shirt and a couple of brewskis.

Timofey Mozgov didn’t play all that much in the finals this year, but he still partied hard after the Cavs win. In typical Mozgov fashion though, his way of celebrating was just a tad different than everyone else’s. For instance, the Russian big man made sure to take the time out to eat a celebratory burrito after the win.

The NBA’s SnapChat account also got him smoking a cigar in the locker room while holding the Cavaliers’ championship belt.

Mozgov is a man of the people, so of course he took a selfie with fans. Please make use of the Minion phone case which I am so wishing is his.

Yet the best photo of the Cavs center all night is this one, which I present to you without comment.

If there is such a thing as the perfect picture, I believe that is it.