This Guy Who Photobombed Doug Collins Can Bend His Thumb Back An Insane Amount

12.05.15 3 years ago

Doug Collins was just analyzing basketball on Friday night, as he is wont to do, when the man sitting behind him noticed that this was his opportunity to get on camera and took full advantage of it.

Of course when I say “took full advantage” what I mean is that he showed the world that he can bend his thumb back 90 degrees and gave a creepy smile to the camera.  The guy was able to do this because of a genetic trait appropriately named “hitchiker’s thumb,” in which you are able to bend your thumb back a ridiculous amount.

I can’t think of a scenario where this would possibly be useful, so I guess if all you can do is show it off, what better time than when you are on national television.

(Via The Cauldron)

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